How To Lose Weight – The 17 Day Diet

How To Lose Weight - 17 Day Diet
The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet is actually a diet which is made up of three cycles with each one lasting 17 days. This diet has given many people quick results and this is one of the reasons why it has become so popular.

The first cycle in this diet is known as Accelerate and your calorie level will be reduced to 1,200 calories per day. It is possible to lose anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds each month.

The purpose of the Accelerate is to cleanse your body and remove unhealthy carbohydrates from your body. Your metabolism rate will also be increased.

The next cycle is called Activate and gets you eating at a slightly higher calorie level. Going up and down with your calorie level keeps your body guessing, it is not sure what you are doing and this keeps your metabolism functioning at a good rate. Most people will lose between 5 – 6 pounds in this cycle.

The third cycle is called Achieve and results in a 2 – 3 pound weight loss.

The last cycle is called Arrive and this is where you will get to your goal weight. This is done by eating from the food plans during the week and then having some extras on the weekend.

This doesn’t mean that you can eat like crazy on the weekend you must still control your eating habits, but you can have some higher calorie foods.

The 17 Day Diet also recommends that you start off with 17 minutes of exercise per day. Then you should increase this amount to 300 minutes per week as you continue to lose weight.

Here is a sample menu from the first cycle of the 17 Day Diet.

Lean protein unrestricted

Non starchy vegetables

2 fruits

2 servings of low fat yogurt

2 servings of fats

Green tea

64oz of water

The second cycle decreases the servings of fat to one and increases the carbs to 2 extra servings. You will be eating about 1500 calories on this cycle.

Cycle three allows you to eat most healthy foods but restricts the portion size of your protein. You can also choose to have one serving of alcohol and one additional 100 calorie snack.

Cycle four is really the maintenance stage and this is where you learn to eat without gaining weight. It is recommended that you weigh yourself weekly. If you do put on five pounds then you should go back to cycle two immediately.

The 17 Day Diet works because it helps to clear the sugar from your blood. This one thing stops your body from storing fat and actually boosts your fat burning ability. The entire program works by increasing and decreasing your calories to keep your body burning fat.

When a person reaches cycle three they can choose to have one alcoholic beverage per day if they wish. This will slow down weight loss but you can speed this up by increasing your exercise level.

By allowing people to eat regular foods and to have the occasional drink many followers of this diet are seeing great results. Plus their motivation stays good just because they do not feel deprived of any foods.


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