How To Lose Weight – The Popular HCG Diet

How To Lose Weight - The HCG Diet
The HCG Diet

The HCG diet is really popular and the main reason is that it allows you to lose between 1 to 3 lbs per week. With many people seeing this type of weight loss daily!

HCG actually stands for human Choriogonadotropin. This is a natural hormone that is produced by pregnant woman in the very early stages of pregnancy. The HCG for dieters comes in the form of drops or it can be injected. Most people are deciding to use the drops as they can easily be placed under the tongue. There is no requirement for a doctor’s visit or prescription and you can easily order HCG drops online.

There are 3 phases to the HCG diet, for the first two days you need to take 10 to 15 drops three times a day. Your calorie allowance is between 1500 to 2000 calories.  This is known as the Loading Phase.

In the Loading Phase you want to eat high fat foods. This is so your body can use these fat reserves while you are on the second phase. Honestly this is where you can enjoy pizza, sausage and any fried foods that you wish.

Next comes the Maintenance Phase which lasts between 21 to 40 days. You still take the recommended 10 to 15 drops three times a day. But this is where your calorie requirements drop to 500 calories per day.

You must stay on the Maintenance Phase for 21 days and depending upon how much weight you want to lose you can stretch it to 40 days.

What happens to your body in this stage is that the HCG is burning up your excessive fat bank. What this does is to release energy into your blood stream. This is why you will not feel hungry while consuming only 500 calories per day.

While you are on this stage you should not consume any type of sugar, starch or fried foods. If you need to use a sweetener use a natural one such as Stevia.

The following is a sample of the foods you are allowed to eat on the Maintenance Phase.

You want to be certain to eat foods that are low calorie but filling. This includes things like lean chicken breast and shrimp. Choose vegetables which are filling such as a tomato, asparagus or cabbage.

Your lunch and dinner choices should consist of:

  • 3.5 oz of lean protein.
  • 3.5 oz of vegetables
  • 1 serving of fruit
  • Unlimited coffee, dry teas, vinegars and mustard are allowed


The final stage requires no drops and lasts for 21 days. This is where you are advised to increase your calories up to 800 calories for women and 1000 for men. This is known as the stabilization phase. It is recommended for you to go to this stage as soon as you have lost 34 lbs.

Going through the three phases will take you around 44 days. It is suggested that you wait for six weeks in total before starting the next phase. You can repeat this as many times as you wish until you have lost your desired amount of weight.

HCG is reported to be totally safe especially when using the HCG drops. You will not suffer from hunger pangs or leg or muscle cramps. The drops have no expiry date plus they are easily purchased online or at your local drug store.

On average you can expect to lose between 1 to 3 lbs for every 10 to 48 drops taken in a twenty four hour period.

There are many complete HCG diet packs available that include recipes, tracking sheets and in depth information on using HCG drops correctly.

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