How To Lose Weight -The Lunch Box Diet

How To Lose Weight - The Lunch Box Diet
The Lunch Box Diet

The Lunch Box diet became a huge hit in the U.K and Europe before reaching North America. The popular aspect of this diet is that there are no calories to count and no crazy food choices. It is a simple approach to eating with astounding results.  It was invented in England by a fitness professional named Steven Lovell.

This diet is perfect for those who are busy at work all day and for the stay at home mom. Even students have been seeing great results with this diet. In fact the Lunch Box Diet has become so popular that many celebrities have jumped into it. This includes people like Cameron Diaz who reportedly loves this diet.

Benefits of this diet are having people who have seen huge decreases in their cholesterol levels and stabilized blood pressure levels. Other people have noticed that their skin becomes clearer and that they sleep better at night. Increased energy levels are another benefit that comes from using this diet.

The Lunch Box diet works by having you fill a lunch box with healthy food choices. You then simply graze on these foods whenever you are hungry.  By snacking or grazing throughout the day your metabolism doesn’t get the chance to slow down. This way you are burning calories consistently throughout the day.

This diet recommends that you consume foods in these proportions:

  • Vegetables 60%
  • Lean Protein 30%
  • Low fat dressings 10%
  • Small amounts of fruit are allowed

They also recommend certain foods that you should fill your lunch box with each day:

  • Broccoli
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Chilli peppers
  • Grilled chicken and turkey
  • Nuts
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Beetroot
  • Cod

These snacks should be eaten in small quantities each hour until you feel satisfied. You are then allowed to eat two other meals each day, breakfast and dinner. Basically you can eat whatever you would normally eat for these two meals.

If you lead an active lifestyle then you are permitted to add carbohydrates to your meal plan.

The simplicity behind this diet is what is so appealing to others and it is perfect for anyone on the go during the day. The one thing that is not explicit is how many calories you should be consuming each day along with portion sizes.  For this diet to work you should not overindulge at breakfast and dinner time.

When you first start using this diet it is recommended to add a lunch box just once a week if that is all that you can manage. Then work your way up to using it every day. There are absolutely no rules or strict regulations and this would seem about as flexible of a diet plan that you could ever hope to find.

This diet will cater to those who love to snack and consistently make the wrong choices reaching for sugar laden snacks. By switching to healthy fresh veggies and protein your entire body will thank you for it. Numerous people have said that they can feel a huge difference in the way they feel in the first seven days alone!

The Lunch Box Diet is being touted as the fun way to lose weight. It comes in the form of an ebook with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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