Drink Water on your diet
Drink water on your diet

Want to know the one thing that you should be consuming more often than anything else if you really want to win the battle of the bulge?  That’s right , it’s water!  Most doctors agree that you should be consuming at least several eight ounce glasses of water per day as is, but if you’re looking to diet, it’s not a bad idea to carry around a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Why is this?  Well, for one, water helps fill your stomach.  We of course do not suggest that you skip out on meals in favor of water, but staying well hydrated can help you manage your food cravings.  Many people eat when instead their bodies are actually craving water!  Keeping a bottle of water at your side throughout the day helps stave off the cravings to eat and will keep your fuller for a longer period of time after meals.  Another great trick in using water to lose weight is to take a sip of water between every bite of food you take at a meal.  This also helps fill your stomach and lets you eat slower, so your stomach has time to transmit signals of fullness to your brain.  Many people keep eating long after their stomach is actually full, and pausing for water is a way to help your body register its food intake.

However, there’s one thing that many people do when it comes to the consumption of water that can totally be a budget breaker: buying bottled water.  The proliferation of bottled water in our society has reached epic proportions , to the point where some areas have actually launched campaigns to educate consumers that tap water is drinkable.  Remember that: tap water is entirely consumable and there is absolutely no reason to go out and spend twenty pounds on bottled water every week.

Instead, why not spend five pounds on a reusable water bottle and keep on filling it up?  It’s a great way to not only be health conscious and cost conscious, but also environmentally conscious!  Think of all those used plastic water bottles that end up in the landfills each year.  It’s entirely wasteful and needless, seeing as how tap water is drinkable everywhere in the United States and even restaurants will give it to you for free.

So, be a smart dieter and an even smarter consumer by not giving in to the bottled water companies.  You’ll save hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year by sticking to tap water and reusable bottles, and you’ll be saving the environment at the same time.  Oh, and losing weight!