Cycle your way to weight loss
Commute to work by bike?

Depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is, you might be able to get in better shape and improve the planet at the same time by commuting smarter and healthier.

The UK is a car-based country.  The vast majority of individuals who are of an appropriate driving age happen to own a car or motorbike, and many children spend hours and hours saving up for that very first car. While much can be said for the car in terms of convenience and accessibility, our constant attachment to our cars contributes heavily to the overproduction of greenhouse gasses and our steadily rising obesity rate.

For those who are trying to get healthy on a budget and wouldn’t mind doing their part to help the environment as well, have you considered walking or biking to work?  Of course, if you live forty miles away from where you work this won’t be a feasible option, but if you’re within a ten to twenty mile radius, commuting by bike is a very reasonable and real alternative.  While biking ten miles to work in the morning might seem like it would take forever, imagine what your morning commute could be like if you didn’t have to spend a half hour sitting in traffic!

Commuting by walking or bike can do wonders for your waistline.  Without ever stepping foot into a gym you can start working your way to fitness by spending very little.  While it’s true that biking equipment can be expensive to obtain, it is certainly much cheaper than a car.  After the initial investment in a bike the ongoing costs are very small, especially when considering all the money that goes into the upkeep, fuel consumption and insuring of a car, not to metion the cost of car tax!

For those who are interested in perusing this unique way of commuting, there are hundreds of sites on the internet that are dedicated to the art of bicycle commuting.  Some people even get to the point where they bicycle everywhere, not only to work, and this only helps them live healthier and on the cheap.  Whether you decide to invest in new bicycling equipment or decide to make do with the old mountain bike you have stored away in your closet, bicycling can be an effective way to improve both your body shape and the shape of your finances.